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India verifies its status as the leading outsourcing location in the world with a four-year contract with Australian tech firm, Optus. Currently, Optus is undergoing a 12-month transformation project that shifts operations offshore, and on January 19, it has confirmed call center jobs for India.

American technology giant, Convergys will perform Optus’ call center functions from its Indian headquarters in Bangalore. Convergys employs over 63,000 people in 64 offices around the globe.

Rival IT companies such as Telstra and Hutchison have already shifted operations in India. For over a year, Hutchison has moved its customer call centers to its Indian subsidiary. Meanwhile, Telstra has chosen India for most of its $500 million per year, software development work.

Paul Fletcher, Optus public relations chief says, “We expect it (offshore operations) to grow over time, but we don’t want to be any more specific than that.”